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Seung-Ho Yang: ceramics

Herbstkann Seung-Ho Yang: ceramics master

When I began studying ceramics at the Dankook University in Seoul, at the first lecture one of my teachers, Dam-Soon Chung, said «the ceramic process is recycling the earth from it’s origin». The earth was a part of the sun (fire) and became stone after it had cooled. After millions of years stone became clay and with the discovery of fire, people are making stone again out of clay! This simple and fascinating process of nature had already been practised by Silla potters. It is a process of enormous energy interaction. I feel happy within myself and I am lucky that I am able to participate in this process through my work. I take my job sincerely and almost like a religion. For me the process is more important than the result.

Seung-Ho Yang

Atelier in Switzerland:
3538 Röthenbach i. E.

Atelier in France:
Bury d’en bas
F-18250 Montigny

Atelier in South Korea:
Naeri 159 Yiwonmyun
Chungnamdo, 357-922

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