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Logo_Alliance_corea Alliance Corea is a cultural foundation that promotes and supports Korean culture in Europe.

Alliance Corea ist ein Verein, welcher die Koreanische Kultur in Europa unterstützt und bekanntmacht.

Alliance Corea est une fondation dont le but est de promouvoir et déncourager la culture coreenne en Europe.

Goals of Alliance Corea are summarized by the following statements:
1.) Cultural exchange
2.) Friendship
3.) Learning

To achieve the goals, Alliance Corea is build upon:
A.) Organization and structures!
>> Official registered Swiss foundation (CH-320.6.048.554-2 St.Gallen)
>> Training and hotel facilities (Alvier Sport und Kultur Center)
>> Internet plattform (, Facebook and YouTube!)

B.) Communication!
>> Korean to Englisch
>> Western learning patterns
>> Books/Internet
>> Local teachers

C.) Quality!
>> Step 1: Basic skills (Cho Keub Ban)
>> Step 2: Intermediate skills (Joong Keub Ban)
>> Step 3: Advanced skills (Go Keub Ban)
>> Resulting in Master classes

Institutionalized partnership:
Cooperation between Seoul Arts- and Technical College and Alliance Corea
Han JungDoo President Alliance Corea in Korea

10 Years experience at the Alliance Corea:
article I Hanmudo (Swiss seminar 1999)
article II Seung-Ho Yang (Spiritual connection)
article III Alliance Corea (Tourism and sport)
article IV Alliance Corea (Tension and relaxation)
article V Alliance Corea (Science and sport master classes)
article VI Hanmudo (Swiss seminar 2006)
article VII Training with Grandmaster Han
article VIII First open training Alliance Corea
article IX RhB training
article X Big Alliance Corea event (German article)
article XI International Hanmudo Seminar in Oberschan

Master Han and Alliance Corea
article I master Han (European Hapikido seminar)
article II master Han (Friendly visit to Switzerland)

Next 10 years Alliance Corea:
article I Master Jacques Janssen
article II Demonstration in Mels (CH) 02.05.2009
article III Alliance Corea – Master Classes trip to South Korea (10-18 April 2012)
article IV Master Class Certificate
article V Masterclass Harm Verkuijlen
article VI Alliance Corea opens office in Korea!
Art. VII International Hanmudo Seminar in CH Mai 2014

For more information, do not hesitate to contact!

Alliance Corea
Ernst Jan Rolloos
Rüfiwisweg 12
CH-7203 Trimmis

Tel. +41 81 35 66 88 4
fax +41 81 35 66 88 5

Address Korea:
Alliance Corea
Rm3 104dong DeaWoo B/D
661 Gyeongin-ro
Guro-gu, Seoul, Korea