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Alvier Sport und Kultur center is the home base for Hanmudo in Switzerland. Han Mu Do is a traditional Korean martial arts form founded by Dr. He-Young Kimm in 1989, after more than forty years of training & research in Korean martial arts systems. Han Mu Do is comprised of the study of empty hand techniques, the study of weapons, the study of Ki, and the study of martial arts philosophy.

Training Hanmudo

(Training Hanmudo)

Alvier Sport und Kultur center, certificate winner of the Heiland innovation price 1999, is situated in the beautiful Swiss Alps. The dojang has an authentic Asian atmosphere. Our motto: the way is in training!

Complex with hotel

Training complex with hotel

Instructors are Ernst Jan Rolloos (6th Dan Hanmudo), Andrea Berweger (3nd Dan Hanmudo) and Alexandra Waser (2nd Dan Hanmudo).

Hanmudo demonstration Alvier Sport und Kultur Center in YouTube!

Convince yourself and practise Hanmudo!

Alvier Sport und Kultur Center
CH-9479 Oberschan

P.s. Click here if your are not from Switzerland but want to train Hanmudo!

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