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Dr. He-Young Kimm

Founder Dr. He-Young Kimm: Founder of Hanmudo

He-Young Kimm was born in Su Won County near Seoul, Korea in 1940 to a family who traditionally emphasized the pen and the sword. Due to the family’s genealogy and the great number of physical hardships that his ancestors had suffered, Dr. Kimm’s parents stressed the importance of not just education but also the rigorous traditional capability to fight and preserve life. This was the environment and philosophy that has influenced him throughout his life.

Since Dr. Kimm became interested in martial arts, he has carried a uniform bag with his right hand and a book bag with his left hand. Dr. Kimm has always been proud to lead this type of life and will continue it until he dies. His interest in the history of martial arts has always been present. Whenever possible, he visits many of the old grandmasters and listens to their life stories, philosophies, experienced and their wisdom. In addition to the instructors that influenced his life, four grandmasters, who greatly influenced the formation of the Han Mu Do philosophy and techniques, were Lee Kyung-suk, Suh Jung-hak, Lee Won-kuk, and Kwon Tae-hoon.

A true martial arts scholar, Dr. Kimm has integrated the techniques and philosophies of various Korean martial arts systems, most founded in the 1950s, with new and innovative modern techniques into a single, comprehensive balanced system.

The knowledge that Dr. Kimm had accumulated over the last forty years through various grandmasters and personal experiences are immense. From this knowledge and experience, Dr. Kimm created a new system of Korean martial art, which he calls Han Mu Do.

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