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International hanmudo seminar 31 May to 1 June 2014 | Nov 22, 11:42

European Hanmudo Seminar 30 May-01 June 2014
The European spring seminar will be performed by Dr.He-Young Kimm and organized by Alliance Corea on behalf of the European Hanmudo Association.

Place: Alvier Sport and Culture Center in Oberschan, Switzerland

DR.Kimm Schedule of the European Hanmudo seminar!
Friday 30.05.2014: start 19.00hours (examinations)
Saturday 31.05.2014: start 10.00hours till 16.30hours
Sunday 01.06.2014: start 10.30hours till 16.30hours

Cost of two day seminar: 110 CHF (= 90 EUR)

Accomodation in cooperation with hotel Alvier!
Special seminar offer (per person):
3 nights single bed room (Friday till Monday)
3 X breakfast buffet (Friday till Monday)
2 X lunch box (Saturday and Sunday)
2 X dinner/3 courses (Saturday and Sunday)
Total package = 350 CHF (= 287 EUR)

Please use the Alliance Corea contact formula to make the reservation for the hotel! Link to contact formula

Hope to see you in Switzerland in May 2014!

On behalf of the European Hanmudo association and Alliance Corea,

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fax +41 81 35 66 88 5

(*Exchange rate 30.08.2013 EUR/CHF =1.22)

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