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Master Han opens English dojang | Mär 18, 18:08

Han's English Master Han opens English dojang

February 2nd 2008, GM Han had the great opening of his GHF HQ main Dojang (Han’s English Gym). Especially, at the HQ dojang, GM Han provides the members not only a place to practice and feel various and unique traditional martial arts, but also a place to experience Korean traditional culture as well as modern one. Moreover, he also gives members an opportunity to share their own countries’ traditional culture and so forth.

Han's English Gym

From now on, in various cities of the world, GM Han likes to set up and found branch offices of MAC (Martial Arts Alliance Corea) for welcoming coming multicultural era. GM Han likes to invite all of you members, especially representatives of each country, to the GHF HQ Dojang.

Han's English Gym

Place: Global Hapkido Federation. 302 Poongsan Plaza B/D,
16 Dangha-Dong, Seo-Gu, Inchon City, Seoul, Korea

Date of Opening: from Feb 2nd 2008